January 2018

Deer Season 2018 01 Best Performance of Fest
Edelweiss 2018 01 Best Actress
Edelweiss 2018 01 Best Actor
The Few 2018 01 BestSupporting Actress
Deer Season 2018 01 BestSupporting Actor
Fruit Bat II 2018 01 Best Duo
Edelweiss 2018 01 BestEnsemble
2018 01 finalists

Best Performance of Fest

Cam McHarg

"Deer Season"


Best Actor

Sam Benjamin



Best Actress

Emma Fisher



Best Supporting Actor

Hus Miller

"Deer Season"


Honorable Mention: Supporting Actor

Clayton T. Smith



Best Supporting Actress

Rachael Holoway

"The Few"


Honorable Mention: Supporting Actress

Kearsten Johansson

"Gift Giver"


Best Ensemble


Emma Fisher, Sonu Louis, Clayton T. Smith, Sam Benjamin, Floriane Andersen, Daniel Durand, Chas Jellis, Kit Harvey

Best Young Actress

Olivia DiNino

"Forever & Always"


Best Actor in a Drama

Steve Kasan



Best Actress in a Drama

Buffy Milner



Best Actress in a Comedy

Alina Smolyar



Best Actor in an Indie Film

Adam Christie



Best Actress in an Indie Film

Brooke Lewis

"Psycho Therapy"


Best Duo

David J. Marzano, Peter Coleman

"Fruit Bat II"


Honorable Mention: Duo

Gaelle Gillis, Quentin Marteau

"Pole Dance"