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November 2018

Review - Underneath the Same Moon
Review - Polymorphia
Review - Marriage Killer
Review - Written By
Review - Dream Killer
2018 11 finalists

Best Performance of Fest

Sara Ball

"Underneath the Same Moon"


Best Actor

Raresh DiMofte



Honorable Mention: Actor

Anderson Davis

"Underneath the Same Moon"


Best Actress

Barbie Castro

"Marriage Killer"


Honorable Mention: Actress

An Phan



Best Supporting Actor

Jose Garza

"Underneath the Same Moon"


Honorable Mention: Supporting Actor

Jack Tracy



Best Supporting Actress

Gail Soltys

"Dream Killer"


Honorable Mention: Supporting Actress

Meg Cashel

"Underneath the Same Moon"


Best Young Actor

Carson Rowland

"Dream Killer"


Best Young Actress

Taylor Castro

"Marriage Killer"


Best Duo

Sabyasachi Chakrabarty & Kankana Chakraborty

"Written By?"


Best Ensemble

Christy Carlson Romano, Taylor Castro, Jacy King, Gail Soltys, Miguel Fasa, Carson Rowland

"Dream Killer" 


Honorable Mention: Ensemble

Stephen Hanna, Alice Regnouf, Aaron Shad'Young, Josiah Schneider

"Fourth Position" 


Best Actor in Drama

Robert Dukes

"A Friend in Need"


Best Actress in a Drama

Elizabeth West

"A Friend in Need"


Best Actor in a Comedy

Joshua Triplett

"Black Coffee"


Best Actor in a Thriller

Wilfried Capet

"The Vow"


Best Actress in a Thriller

Claire Gagnon-King



Best Actor in an Action Film

Roman Xing

"The Saver"


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Brandon Koen



Best Actress in an Indie Film

Isabella Jacqueline



Best Voice Acting

Shana Adams

"The Very Loving Caterpillar"


Best Monologue

Youlim Nam

"Acting Is My Destiny"




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