4th Annual Actors Awards 2020: The Nominees

Best Performance of the Year Nominations

We're excited to announce this year's annual nominees - the best performances of the year in 7 main categories:

Best Performance of the Year

The Wall Between Us - Lea Freund

Métèque - Lyna Dubarry

Jane Doe - Amanda Lamberti

When the Dust Clears - Joelle Williams

Capo di Famiglia II - Dirk Gunther Mohr

Wienerland - Jeannine Mik

Countless Sheep - Marco Delvecchio

River - Mary Cameron Rogers

Not Your Average Bear - Simon Longmore

1/2 New Year - Drew McAnany

Harvey Wallbanger - Xavier Santiago

And Suddenly It's Evening - Paco De Rosa

Best Actor of the Year

Countless Sheep - Marco Delvecchio

Just in Time - Jackson George

Kidnapped - Timmy Osoba

Million Loves in Me - John Y

WHY? You can be the next one! - Thorsten Kramer

Wienerland - David Wurawa

Taxi - Riccardo Leonelli

One Actor Short - Yuval David

The Council - Brandon Michael Thomas

Something About Bubbles - Graham Brown

And Suddenly It's Evening - Paco De Rosa

Booze, Broads and Blackjack - Vincent Pastore

Best Actress of the Year

#PrincessProblems - Brittney Lee Hamilton

Inkling - Rachel Nottingham

Easy Street - Eevi Rola

Blueberry Flytrap - Meejee Kim

Double Jack - Stephanie Stern

Zero Point - Lily Evelyn Mitchell

Justice for Vincent - Lee Chen

Lifeless - Elvira Sinelnik

Letters from a Father - Katie Coryell Hall

The Widow - Daniela Farinacci

Two Autumns in Paris - Maria Antonieta Hidalgo

Booze, Broads and Blackjack - Sarah French

Best Supporting Actor of the Year

Just in Time -Alex Emanuel

Jane Doe - Brett Rickaby

The Long Game - SJ Kennedy

Countless Sheep - Rhett Wellington

Two Autumns in Paris - Francisco Villarroel

Seermass - Kevin Austra

Blueberry Flytrap - Arthur Axis

The Widow - Steve Bastoni

Best Supporting Actress of the Year

Métèque - Lou Stassen

Jane Doe - Paola Deocampo

Wienerland - Barbara Kaudelka

Not Your Average Bear - Mauri Momose

Countless Sheep - Anna Daines

River - Alexandra Rose

1/2 New Year - Ashley Platz

Something About Bubbles - Vivan Dugré

Best Duo of the Year

The Wall Between Us - Lea Freund & Tim Bülow

The Honey Trapper Season 2 - Brian Shorkey & Felise Garcia

Nini's Nanny - Lydia Li & Beiyu Wang

Taxi - Riccardo Leonelli & Veronica Visentin

River - Mary Cameron Rogers & Alexandra Rose

Letters from a Father - Katie Coryell Hall & Cam Burns

Badnapping - Robert Banks & Zakiyyah BG

1/2 New Year - Drew McAnany & Brooke Lewis

TABLXS - Juanita Ingram & Kinsley Ingram

Métèque - Lyna Dubarry & Lou Stassen

Blueberry Flytrap - Meejee Kim & Arthur Axis

Maelstrom - Scott Oakley & Susan Tatro

Best Ensemble of the Year

Harvey Wallbanger - Xavier Santiago, Ajahanna De Vargas, Morgan Nichols, Alex Emmanuel, Randa Karambelas, Stephanie Patent, Ryder Morlong

Pajama Party Work Night - Rio Scafone, Christina Nicole, Caitlin Burt, Melissa O'Brien, Whitney Wagner, Rose Anne Nepa, Mark Boyd, Barton Bund, Josiah Vaccaro

Jane Doe - Amanda Lamberti, Brett Rickaby, Paola Deocampo, John Elsen

Wienerland - David Wurawa, Jeannine Mik, Michael Pink, Barbara Kaudelka, Max Grodenchik, Clara Montocchio

Justice for Vincent - Peter Adrian Sudarso, Lee Chen, William McNamara, Lawrence Chau, Zach Scheerer, Rachelle DiMaria

Something About Bubbles - Vivan Dugré, Abigail Marlowe, Mikel Miller, Kristin Vahl, Mikel Parraga-Wills, Graham Brown

Same Time Next Week - Lance Fuller, Sarah Howard Parker, Cherise Silvestri, Alexandra Metaxa, Gigi Burgdorf, Jared Nelson

The Monster's Club - Germano Blanco, Hechan DaSilva, Max Vector, Mark Stancato, Tank Jones, Alex Restrepo, Rebecca Tarabocchia, McClain Moss

Orisha - Juston Graber, Drew Anthony, Danny Brown, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Jack Duarte, Eric Hemeng, Peter Nuoffer

That '80s Guy - Craig Fones, Larry Coulter, Alaina Beauloye, Craig Hensley - dir. Jefferson Donald

Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor - Nabil Shaban, Christopher Ryan, Sophie Aldred, Janet Henfrey, Sakuntala Ramanee, Jim Conway, John Michael Rooke

And Suddenly It's Evening - Franco Nero, Salvatore Cantalupo, Paco De Rosa, Gaetano Amato, Gianluca Di Gennaro, Gianclaudio Caretta, Simona Ceruti, Sandro Ruotolo, Ciro Ceruti

Congratulations to the nominees!

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