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December 2017

Ann 2017 12 Best Performance of Fest
Falsified 2017 12 Best Actor
Fragile 2017 12 Best Actress
Falsified 2017 12 Best Supporting Actor
Reckless Juliets 2017 12 Best Supporting Actress
Reckless Juliets 2017 12 Best Ensemble

Best Performance of Fest

Carlos Antonio León



Best Actor

Ashley Tabatabai



Best Actress

Kira Hagi



Best Supporting Actor

Mitchell Mullen



Best Supporting Actress

Lelia Yvetta

"Reckless Juliets"


Best Ensemble

"Reckless Juliets"

Britni Raine, Lelia Yvetta, Sadie Eve, Natasha Stricklin, Sierra Pond, Julian Von Nagel, Benjamin Bergstrom, Adrian Rivero, Will Hawkes


Honorable Mention: Ensemble


Brian Quintero, Michelle Coburn, Natalie Jantzi, Katerina Taxia, Shailene Garnett, Claire Mazerolle


Best Young Actor

Noah Howald

"About Patience"

Best Actor in a Drama

Brian Quintero



Best Actress in a Drama

Birgit Stauber

"The Centre - Another Day in Paradise"


Best Actor in a Thriller

Bryan Larkin

"Dead End"


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Nicholas A. Goldreich

"High is Home"


Best Actress in an Indie Film

Avantika Khattri

"For All That You Are"

Best Duo

Paco Arévalo, Secun de la Rosa

"Blown Away"






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