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October 2017

Best Performance of Fest

Elisabeth Ventura

"The Red Case"


Best Actor

Beau Fowler

"Express Delivery"


Best Actress

Valentina Ospina



Best Supporting Actor

Sonny Louis

"Express Delivery"


Best Supporting Actress

Andrea Zhou



Best Ensemble

"The Red Case"

Elisabeth Ventura, Bernard Metraux, Emilie Schnitzler, Eloïse Auria, Louise Danel, Gaétan Borg, Christian Pelissier, Fabrice De La Villeherve, Paula Brunet-Sancho, Hervé Rey


Honorable Mention: Ensemble

"Romantic Noy"

Shaheb Bhattacharjee, June Maliah, Priyanka Sarkar, Rajesh Sharma, Joy Badlani


Best Actor in a Drama

Bryce Hirschberg



Best Actress in a Drama

Diana Perez Riveros

"Unbreakable Ties"


Best Actor in a Comedy

Dan Tambling

"Every Torture Has a Silver Lining"


Best Actress in a Comedy

Rain Fuller

"Two Refugees and a Blonde"


Best Actor in a Thriller

Fabien Grenier



Best Actor in a Crime Film

Brian Lally

"The Punished"


Best Actress in a Crime Film

Jenna Guercio

"The Punished"


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Kento Masuda

"Godsend Rondo"






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