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February 2018

The Guitar 2018 02 Best Performance of Fest
Ashes 2018 02 Best Actor
Tragic Consequence 2018 02 Best Actress
Molehill 2018 02 Best Supporting Actor
Ashes 2018 02 Best Supporting Actress
The Guitar 2018 02 Best Ensemble
2018 02 finalists

Best Performance of Fest

Michael Boston

"The Guitar"


Best Actor

Jake Raymond



Best Actress

Christine Bermudez

"Tragic Consequence"


Best Supporting Actor

David Sargsyan



Best Supporting Actress

Sara Mitich



Best Ensemble

"The Guitar"

Michael Boston, Thaddeaus Ek, John Haegele, Shannan Leigh Yancsurak, Sequoia Thompson, E.R. Ruiz

Best Young Actor

Juan Felipe Restrepo

"Prodigal Son"


Best Child Actor

Thaddeaus Ek

"The Guitar"


Best Actor in a Drama

Sunny Dhillon

"Only God Knows"


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Corey Hollinger



Best Actress in an Indie Film

Jackie Jorgenson

"Far From Hollywood"


Best Voice Actor

Charles Mandracchia

"You Got A Problem…"





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