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November 2017

Laundry Card 2017 11 Best Performance of Fest
Instinct 2017 11 Best Actress
Laundry Card 2017 11 Best Supporting Actor
DMUS 2017 11 Best Supporting Actress
DMUS 2017 11 Best Ensemble
You and Me 2017 11 HM Ensemble

Best Performance of Fest

Josephine Siwko

"Laundry Card"


Best Actor

Alex Cubis

"Masculinity in Crisis"


Best Actress

Rachel Taggatz



Best Supporting Actor

Blerim Gjoci

"Laundry Card"


Best Supporting Actress

Bahia Gold



Best Ensemble


Rafa Higuera, Pablo Escamilla, Tiffany Daniels, Elia Cantu, Bahia Gold, Dave Aidan, Martin Maez, Jon González, Naira Rodrigo, Adriana Gil, Lara Baladrón, Albert López-Murtra, Miguel Morales, Miguel Díaz, Adrián Riquelme, Michelle Talley, Alexa Blanks, Aneiszka Sea


Honorable Mention: Ensemble

"You and Me"

Jack Tracy, William Cohen, Jacob Seidman, Roger Yeh, Trent Stone, Misha Osherovich, Carissa Fales, Connor Lounsbury, Al Roths


Best Young Actor

Rohan Basu



Best Young Actress

Krishangi Ghai


Best Actor in a Drama

Cameron Moore



Best Actress in a Drama

Malin Barr



Best Actress in a Thriller

Andreia Ribeiro



Best Actor in an Indie Film

Marcelo Gonzalez



Best Actress in an Indie Film

Whitney Harris

"People Eat People"






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