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July 2017

2017 02 Best Supporting Actor Actors Awards
2017 02 Best Supporting Actress.jpg Actors Awards

Best Performance of Fest

Beate Malkus

"One Night in Berlin"


Best Actor

Yves Jadoul



Best Actress

Candice Palladino

"The Getaway"

Best Supporting Actor

Helmuth Meier-Lautenschläger

"One Night in Berlin"


Best Supporting Actress

Brigitte Louveaux



Best Ensemble

"Brian for Hire"

Director: Krishna Ribeiro

Key Cast: Knoa Knapper, Joe Troiano, Nicole Samra, Elise Jackson and Tom Mitchell

Honorable Mention: Ensemble​

"Treading Yesterday"

Director: Craig Bettendorf

Key Cast: Mili Rakic, Eric Knox, Kai Morgan, Christian O'Neil, Liam Silbernagel, Will Morgan, Jax Buresh, Robert Fox, Carlos Clemenz, Alex Ibarra, Kyla Sylvers, Patric Hamilton, Patrick Reilly, Luke Caro

Best Actor in a Drama

Liam Silbernagel

"Treading Yesterday"


Best Actress in a Drama

Grace Day

"Emmott & Rowland"


Best Actor in a Comedy

Jimmy Dinh

"You Have a Nice Flight"


Best Actress in a Comedy

Shelley Dennis

"You Have a Nice Flight"


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Knoa Knapper

"Brian for Hire"


Best Actress in an Indie Film

Diana Perez Riveros

"In a Heartbeat"






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