March 2019

Walter Treppiedi design
Bxautiful Nightmarx design
Bxautiful Nightmarx design 2
Guilty Bunch of Flowers design
Guilty Bunch of Flowers design 2
You or Me design
The Victim design
The Mirror design
14 DAYS design 2
14 DAYS design
Remembering Private Quagliano design

Best Performance of Fest

Ha Sen

Chubby Café


Best Actor

Vittorio Ciorcalo

Walter Treppiedi


Best Actress

Juanita Ingram

Bxautiful Nightmarx


Best Supporting Actor

Edward Williams III

Bxautiful Nightmarx


Best Supporting Actress

Cao Yiwen

Chubby Café


Best Duo

Eleanor Burke & Kenny Davies

Guilty Bunch of Flowers


Best Ensemble

Eleanor Burke, Olu Adaeze, Rachel Nottingham, Ingrid Evans, Joe Hughes, Kenny Davies

Guilty Bunch of Flowers


Best Actor in a Drama

Drew Schrum

You or Me


Best Actress in a Comedy

Ha Sen

Chubby Café


Best Actress in a Thriller

Carlotta Galmarini

The Mirror


Best Actor in a Crime Film

Ian Seeberg

The Victim


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Michael Wetherbee

14 Days


Best Actress in an Indie Film

Emily Dennis

14 Days

Best Voice Acting

Rodney Roldan

Remembering Private Quagliano


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