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February 2019

Out of Frame design
Another Yesterday design2
Another Yesterday design
Another Yesterday design4
Another Yesterday design3
Anatomy of An Antihero- Redemption desig
Pablo & Cesar design2
Pangako design
Middle Management design
Cave Of Da Vinci design
Pablo & Cesar design
Another Yesterday design5
2019 02 finalists

Best Performance of Fest

Stephen Manas

Out of Frame


Best Actor

Kento Matsunami

Another Yesterday


Best Actress

Lucía Rodriguez-Nelson

Another Yesterday


Best Supporting Actor

Naoyuki Ikeda

Another Yesterday


Best Supporting Actress

Natalie Duch

Another Yesterday


Best Duo

Terrell Medley & Ibrahim El Helw

Cave Of Da Vinci


Best Ensemble

Kento Matsunami, Lucía Rodriguez-Nelson, Billy Chengary, Naoyuki Ikeda, Akiko Shima, Natalie Duch, Robert Caez

Another Yesterday


Best Actor in a Drama

Derek Andrew Ramsay



Best Actor in a Crime Film

Brandon Yunker

Middle Management


Best Actor in an Action Film

Alan Delabie

Anatomy of An Antihero- Redemption


Best Actor in an Indie Film

Vincent Paquot

Pablo & Cesar


Best Actress in an Indie Film

Marie Beaumont

Pablo & Cesar


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