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May 2017

2017 02 Best Supporting Actor Actors Awards
2017 02 Best Supporting Actress.jpg Actors Awards

Best Performance of Fest

Michael Parker

"Deadpool: The Musical"


Best Actor

Luke Pickett



Best Actress

Megan St. John



Best Ensemble


Director: Megan St. John

Key Cast: Megan St. John, Elizabeth Stenholt, Jack Dwyer, Andrew Klass, Brian Walsh, Barbara Doyle, Julie Mitre, Kevin Edwards, Kyle Dee


Honorable Mention: Ensemble

"The Great Controversy Ended"

Director: Nancy Hamilton Myers

Key Cast: Sandra Dee Richardson, Desiree DeAnda, Mikkel Simons, Rick Richardson, Makayla Nadine, Sarah Anarna, Gina Su, Angeli R. Fitch, Adam Miladic, Stacie Hill, Leeann Ortiz, William W. Barbour, Marcella Bragio


Best Supporting Actor

Jack Dwyer



Best Supporting Actress

Elizabeth Stenholt



Best Young Actress

Zoryn Saporta-Rothuysen



Best Actor in a Drama

Demis Tzivis

"Burn in Hell"


Best Actress in a Drama

Emmeline Kellie



Best Actor in a Sci-Fi

Kalen J Hall

"New York 2150"


Best Actress in a Horror

Antonietta Bello

"Others Like You"

Best Actor in an Indie Film

Mohammad Farahani



Best Actress in an Indie Film

Nadia Kibout

"Veiled Wings"






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