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June 2017

2017 02 Best Supporting Actor Actors Awards
2017 02 Best Supporting Actress.jpg Actors Awards

Best Performance of Fest

Ali Bastian

"Who Is Alice"


Best Actor

Patrick Holland

"Who Is Alice"


Best Actress

Kiara Beltran

"Together Again"


Best Ensemble

"Who Is Alice"

Writer: Paul Smit, Directors: Robert van den Broek, Ismaël Lotz

Key Cast: Ali Bastian, Patrick Leo Holland, Lee Brace, Cally Lawrence, Robert J, Francis, Keith Ackerman, Summer-Jade Webber, Lee Lomas, David Fahm, David Wade, William Sutton, Jeremiah Fleming and Naomi Willow



Best Supporting Actor

Mateusz Broda

"My Pretty Pony"


Best Supporting Actress

Cally Lawrence

"Who Is Alice"


Best Actor in a Drama

Marian Dziedziel

"My Pretty Pony"


Best Actress in a Drama

Shuna Iijima



Best Actor in a Comedy

Ari Schneider

"Elijah's Ashes"


Best Actress in a Comedy

Erin Oechsel



Best Actress in a Thriller

Maria de Sá



Best Actor in an Indie Film

Dustin Lester



Best Actress in an Indie Film

Yubo Fernandez

"How Do We Kill Luisa"






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