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5th Annual Actors Awards 2021: The Nominees

We're excited to announce this year's annual nominees - the best performances of the year in 7 main categories:

Best Performance of the Year

The Wager - Jim Gloyd

Operation Shell Shock: Phantoms - Allan Riggs

RED - Beau Fowler

Strung - Jeromy Darling

A Father's Job - Christian Harting

All Blood Runs Red - Amine Gabdou Mahamat

Ramesses - Sedric Willis

Lepidopterist - Charlie Clarke

Captive - Charlotte Bjornbak

AViL - Tyler Gurciullo

Best Actor of the Year

Morti's Law - Michael Marwitz

The Confined - Thomas J. O'Brien

The Colour of Spring - Jamie Muscato

Fairview - Sam Clark

A Father's Job - Christian Harting

Incompleteness - Matt Bailey

The Prodigal Son - Matthew Wayne Roberts

The Remnant - Wyatt Unger

Luca and Iso - Ed Cali

Dealbreaker - David Michael Hall

Best Actress of the Year

Artificial Souldier - Paola Tonini

Meanwhile At A Cabin Somewhere Near Fairplay, CO - Gina Daidone

The Colour of Spring - Alexa Morden

Sergi & Irina - Teresa Ferrer

A Father's Job - Dorothee Frauenlob

This Day That Year - Roshni Datta

Perpetua - Sangeetha Gowda

The Wings - Sara Sedran

Project Imperium - Cindy Choi

Good Monsters - Julia Zimth

Best Supporting Actor of the Year

Adversary: The Wicked and the Dead - Gus Langley

Incompleteness - Clarence Wethern

Strung - Wyatt Darling

Red Market - Walter Nicoletti

Ramesses - Kevin Macauley

The Prodigal Son - Alexander Bozicevich

RED - Ian Reddington

All Blood Runs Red - Bruno Henry

Best Supporting Actress of the Year

Adversary: The Wicked and the Dead - Gianna Rose

The Colour of Spring - Holly Stevens

Perpetual Anamnesis - Patricia Lawrence

Wheel Gone Kid 2 - Rita Jagpal-Mohan

Ramesses - Rebecca Cureton

Lepidopterist - Sarah Lamesch

Avil - Sarah Brown Carter

A Father's Job - Jessica Stautz

Best Duo of the Year

This Day That Year - Parag Kilche & Roshni Datta

Operation Shell Shock: Phantoms - Allan Riggs & Ana Spohr

Infinity by Two - György Cserhalmi & Tamás Dunai

Sergi & Irina - Teresa Ferrer & Adrián Salzedo

The Vanishing Hitchhiker - Giuseppe Brucato & Veronica Brucato

AViL - Bob Mclean & Tyler Gurciullo

Strung - Jeromy Darling & Wyatt Darling

Captive - Tony Nevada & Charlotte Bjornbak

Best Ensemble of the Year

Morti's Law - Michael Marwitz, Patrick Loose, Stefan Müller-Doriat

Three-Second Rule - Carina Yang, Maggie Yu, Allison Qu, Anthea Best, Christopher Louis Srasin, Marvin Brown

Fate's Shadow: The Whole Story - Michelle Arthur, Kevin Caliber, Patrick Stalinski, Karen Sharpe, Kat Kramer, Sherwin Ace Ross, Kathleen Randazzo, Maria Bobeva, Edythe Davis

Fairview - Sam Clark, Gus Mayopoulos, Devon Guinn, Jesse Pacheco

All Blood Runs Red - Amine Gabdou Mahamat, Bruno Henry, Ibrahim Gaye, Dorcas Coppin

RED - Beau Fowler, Ian Reddington, Jennifer Lim, Andrew Leung, Andrew St Clair James, Cheryl Burniston, Sonny Louis, Evie Templeton, Millie Power, Eric Cole, Leon Sua

A Father's Job - Christian Harting, Dorothee Frauenlob, Jessica Stautz, Mara Hoebusch

AViL - Tyler Gurciullo, Bob Mclean, Tehya Mae, Sarah Brown Carter

Congratulations to the nominees!

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