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6th Annual Actors Awards 2022: The Nominees

We're excited to announce this year's annual nominees - the best performances of the year in 5 main categories:

Best Performance of the Year

The Smile of Gerta - Gina Faarup

My Dinner With Werner - Matthew Sanders

The Station Caretaker - Gleb Kopysov

The Crossing - Wiktor Simonsen

Forest Giants - Erin Clark

The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter - James Hyland

Best Actor of the Year

Come As You Are - Chase Offerle

Starving Artist - Marshall Weishuai Yuan

Monster - Kevin Austra

Merry Go Round - Don Knill

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz

Combattre - Hayden Livesay

Best Actress of the Year

My Dinner With Werner - Chynna Walker

Night, Mother - Sheila Houlahan

Dorothy - Aubrey Rogers

Teal to Orange - Marina Kozawa

Dr. Antonio - Kirsten Bloom Allen

Unbarred - Melissa Davidson

Best Duo of the Year

Moments Fleeting - Joyce Fung & Jayden Cheung

Night, Mother - Sheila Houlahan & Ellen McLain

Monster - Kevin Austra & Steven Vogel

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz & Erin Clark

Impostor - Pál Mácsai & Róbert Alföldi

Tuna and Ted - Peter McManus & Rita Jagpal-Mohan

Best Ensemble of the Year

My Dinner With Werner - Chynna Walker, Matthew Sanders, Andrew Perez, Grant Virtue

I Thought Everyone Loved Chaos! - Marc Plaskett, Trystan Edwards, Alexandra Beard, Jack Delaney, Ella Arnold, Lila K. Smith, Hannah Collins, Juliana Castillo, Skivon Hardy

Borrowed Time 3 :Falling Apart - Alan Delabie, Patrick Kilpatrick, Christina Okolo, Eric Roberts, Costas Mandylor, Matthias Hues, Afif BenBadra, Catriona MacColl, Merrick McCartha, Louis Mandylor, Mark Stas, Therese Kassa

The Smile of Gerta - Gina Faarup, Cedric Miro, Juanxo Villaverde

Unbarred - Melissa Davidson, Sarah Moon, David MacPhail, Alyce Whittle, Simon Cabello, Kate Jirelle, Alexandra Chambers, Loran Mamo, Ava Cannon, Natascha Borg

Real Men Cry - Jordan Scott, Amanda Grace, Lewis Link, Alexandra Gonzalez

Congratulations to the nominees!

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