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"I love how the cameras and staff disappear as I immerse into the character"

Teo Ciltia is a professional actor based in Orlando, FL. In one of his recent films, Blue Lies, Teo plays Ted, a man who is betrayed by the love of his life, for which he won Best Actor in a Microfilm at the Actors Awards. Here's his story.

Teo, it's a pleasure to have you with us! Tell us about your background. Born in Romania, what made you interested in acting and what were you first steps in the entertainment industry?

I was born In Romania, studied Piano since five years old, I earned a degree in music pedagogy, worked as a Piano teacher, composed & sang pop songs that featured in TV and Radio in Romania.

In 2007 I arrived in the US and continued teaching Piano. One day I saw an acting post from a film school for an extra, after spending two days on set I fell inlove with acting and been doing this ever since.

What kind of training did you go through?

I went to Lisa Maile acting school and plenty of acting workshops such as Camera acting, Commercials.

You're currently based in Orlando. Did you grow up there? Are you interested to relocate to Los Angeles at some point?

Orlando was good for me opportunities to grow as a professional actor. I am very interested in moving to LA at some point to further grow my career in acting.

Teo, you've appeared in numerous films and shows: I Am Going to Kill Someone, The Witness Protection Program, To The Top and Atone, to name a few. What is the most memorable character you ever portrayed, and why?

I would have to say Life with Teo (by Tzvia Lorusso) It was my TV pilot and I had to basically act myself which was very challenging yet rewording.

What is the most challenging thing about learning a new character?

The most challenging thing is to become the character, need to learn its background and capture the true essence of the role to the liking of director.

How did you prepare for your role as Ted in Blue Lies?

After reading the script I connected to the character and felt the betrayal as it would happen to me.

Blue Lies is a pretty dark film. Is this the first time you work on a film like that? Also, what is your favorite genre to act in?

I acted different characters in a wide verity of genres, I would say that Drama is my favorite one because you get to connect and express emotions in a deeper level.

Tell us about the production process. how did you get involved with the project, what was it like on the set of Blue Lies? What was it like working with director Austin Taft?

In Blue Lies I applied to an online casting call, was invited in person to audition and then received a message that I got the lead role. I was satisfied with the professionalism on set from everyone involved and it shows in the end results, working with the director Austin Taft was a great experience, I was clear on the direction and the production went smoothly.

What's your favorite thing about being on set?

Getting into character. While on set you get to transform yourself into the character and become part of the story, the cameras and staff disappear as you immerse in the film.

In your opinion, what's a common mistake film directors do when working with actors? What advice do you have for them?

Cutting actors in the middle of emotional dialog, sometimes from technical reasons they would split the dialogue but then we sometimes lose the momentum of that emotional delivery, my advice is let the actor finish the part even if there is no plan to use parts of it for a better fluency delivery.

How do you normally prepare for an audition, and is there a difference between preparing to an audition and a callback?

I study my lines, research the character and practice in front of the mirror. There is no difference between an audition and a call back unless you received specific instructions from the director. One should give their best all the time.

As an in-demand actor, how do you usually prioritize your projects, and how do you balance between career and personal life?

I built strong relationships with several filmmakers, when they need me on set I do what I can to be there and of course embracing new opportunities. My job is flexible enough to allow me to travel and work on many projects.

If you could pick any director to work with, who would that be, and why?

My pick would be Wes Miller, David Kashner and Tzvia Lorusso they know my best characteristics and able to write characters that get the best of me.

Tell us about your upcoming projects. What's planned for the rest of the year, and what's planned for next few years?

I am participating in a couple of shorts films being made for the Orlando Independents Filmmakers "Heart" challenge, they all due to be screened in a theater in February. Next year I am scheduled to act in several Indie films here in Florida.

Is there anything you wish to add, or anyone you wish to thank?

I want to thank all my followers for supporting my acting journey and rooting for me every step of the way. This motivates me to work hard and become the best actor I can be.

Where can our readers follow your work?

You can find me on Facebook & Instagram.


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