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Winners - June 2021

Best Performance of Fest

Lepidopterist - Charlie Clarke

Best Actor

The Prodigal Son - Matthew Wayne Roberts

Best Actress

The Wings - Sara Sedran

Best Supporting Actor

The Prodigal Son - Alexander Bozicevich

Best Supporting Actress

Lepidopterist - Sarah Lamesch

Best Ensemble

Fate's Shadow: The Whole Story - Michelle Arthur, Kevin Caliber, Patrick Stalinski, Karen Sharpe, Kat Kramer, Sherwin Ace Ross, Kathleen Randazzo, Maria Bobeva, Edythe Davis

Best Actress in a Drama

The Wings - Sara Sedran

Best Actress in a Sci-Fi

Lepidopterist - Charlie Clarke

Best Actress in a Crime Film

Victim X - Yamuna Yakshi

Best Actor in an Indie Film

Obscura - Olivier Paris

Winners may order the official Actors Awards statuette

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