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Story of Godia: A Knockout Cast Carries the Unsettling Series

Mouayed Zabtia directs Story of Godia, a series about a dysfunctional family moving into a cursed home. Wasof Alkhuwaylidi carries the role of Hussain, a father forced to move into a home that was once occupied by his relatives. Prior to his move in, all family members present at a birthday party held for head of the household (played by Al Sadig Gasia) were poisoned by a mysterious guest, including the youngest at the party (played by Rwa Kabooka). Beyond the overall eeriness of this reality, Hussain must also find a way to care for his sick son, Rawad (played by Adam Al Kowaldi) and Rawad’s mother Fatma (played by Ghada Ali).

Throughout the pilot, director Zabtia offers us hints that Hussain has a temper and tense relationship with Fatma. Fatma and Rawad are also soon bedridden with illness. A caretaker, Noria (played by Basma Al Atrash), someone that Hussain supposedly hired to watch over Fatma and Rawad, is also not someone who Hussain recognizes. All of these moments add to strange happenings that serve as juicy setup to an ominous series. These moments are so particularly effective because the cast is so adept at offering such subtle but clear indications of their anxiety on screen.

For a slow-burn show like Godia, the performance quality is all in the minutia. Alkhuwaylidi plays a withered father who feels stuck both in a home he doesn’t want and a family dynamic he doesn’t care for. His terse line reads and brusque intensity keep you on edge.

Simultaneously, Ghada Ali breaks your heart existing much like a caged animal with severe, possessive anxiety over her son’s safety. For the audience, her character adds to the mystery. According to Hussain she is someone who cannot be trusted with children, yet she seems to show genuine loving care for her own son.

Director Zabtia is also very deliberate with his camera direction in the angles he captures, especially how he captures the boy, Kowaldi, almost as if the house is a character spying on him. As the most vulnerable in the family, he becomes the most prone to what feels like supernatural antics occurring within the house. Kowaldi’s fear on screen is palpable, and you wish you could save him from what feels like impending doom.

There’s so much subtle setup going on with every character, that any audience would find reward watching the pilot again and again to catch every morsel. It all makes for an intriguing start to an ongoing series.


In May 2024, Story of Godia won Best Actor in a TV/Web Series (Wasof Alkhuwaylidi) and Best Actress in a TV/Web Series (Basma Al Atrash).


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