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"Having a proper acting training is key nowadays. Without it, you don't stand a chance&quot

Daniele Marcheggiani is an Italo-Swiss actor, born in Davos (Switzerland).

He trained at the Actor Zone Studio of Acting in Milan, followed by the actor Coach Alberto Viola. He specialized at the EG Actors Lab in Rome with coach Gianluca Testa and other acting coaches such as Patrizia De Santis , Barbara Enrichi ("David di Donatello" award), director Federico Moccia and Luca Ward (Italian voice of Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves ...) at the National Academy of the Voice.

In 2017, he debuted in " Rimmel ", a pilot episode of a TV series.

He took part in several films and short films, as the protagonist in " The Prisoner's Strategy " by Gianluca Testa, " The Melody of War " by Francesco Castagnino, " The Marriage " by Alessandro Urbinati, " The Dream is Destiny " by Sofia Fioranelli and " Map to the Stars " by Federica Crippa, as co-star in the role of investigator in " White noise " by Gabriele Fortuna and " The original sin " by Nicolò Novara.

In one of his latest films (which he also produced), "Like the Shadow in the Dark", Daniele plays the lead role of Gustavo, a renowned psychologist. He's faced by an enormously challenging task. He must scrutinize a field of candidates and decide which one of them has got the right characteristics to become politicians.

In August 2019, Daniele won Best Performance of Fest at the Actors Awards, for his role in Like the Shadow in the Dark. The jury described his performance as magnificent: "Having the only "normal" role in the film, it's almost impossible for Macheggiani’s character to stand out. The entire ensemble cast did a fantastic job: each of the candidates was colorful, weird and interesting. As one of the candidates, Giulio, said: "It seems that in order to be interesting you need to be strange." With tons of charisma and charm, there's a lot of strength in Marcheggiani’s quiet manner. Outwardly, he doesn't seem deterred by his psychotic patients/candidates: "I get paid to ensure that you are not a danger to society"; "Pull yourself together please"; "In other words, you are an assassin". At the same time, you can feel his inner voice- lack of confidence, trying to manipulate and being manipulated. A powerful performance.”

We invited Daniele to join us for an interview. Here's his story.

Tell us a bit about your background. Growing up in Davos, Switzerland, how did it all begin for you?

I was born in Davos, and moved to Lugano when I was 3. I have always had a passion for acting and cinema, but only recently I dedicated myself to it. And I must say, it's giving me plenty satisfaction.

Who are some of your role-model actors/actresses, and what do you like about their work?

I love Al Pacino, De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. You watch their work and think: this is what is all about!

You have a very solid education in acting, as you have attended some very prestigious studios - The Academy Actor Zone Studio of Acting in Milan, followed by the Actor Coach Alberto Viola. You also attended the EG Actors Lab in Rome with the coach Gianluca Testa, Patrizia De Santis, Barbara Enrichi, director Federico Moccia and Luca Ward at the National Academy of the Voice. Do you think that it's important and crucial nowadays to be well educated? Is it a prerequisite for a successful acting career?

Having a proper acting training is key nowadays. The current standard of this trade is such that without it you don’t stand a chance.

Let's chat about filming Like the Shadow in the Dark, and the role for which you won Best Performance of Fest! Can you talk a little bit about your collaboration with director Alessandro Gessaga? How and when did you get involved in the project?

I worked with Alessandro before. Together we decided to cooperate at this project, and it was magic.

Our team was so impressed by your strength, charisma, and charm while portraying a character who has a quiet manner. How did you prepare for your character as Gustavo?

I’m in debt with my acting coach Alberto Viola with whom in two months I gave birth to Gustavo.

What was the most challenging thing about Gustavo's character?

No doubt shooting the final scene in a Milan park with the little girl.

What was the rehearsal process like?

Rehearsals were paramount, the final achievement was a result of many meetings with all the cast.

Was there any improv on set?

I'd say no, everyone worked meticulously on his/her character.

At Venice Film Festival

You appeared in so many films and tv shows, including "The prisoner's strategy" by Gianluca Testa, "The melody of War" by Francesco Castagnino, "The Marriage" by Alessandro Urbinati, "The dream is destiny" of Sofia Fioranelli, "The Original Sin" by Nicolò Novara, "Road to hell" by Roberto D'Antona, and the upcoming "Caleb", by the same director. Clearly, your schedule is packed, plus, you get called to work again with the same director! First of all, what is your magic that makes you so busy?

I don't think there's any magic. Commitment, passion and professionalism on set are key elements.

Apart from pure talent, what do you bring to the table as an actor?

My first target is to get into the character and understand as much as I possibly can what the director wants from him.

In your opinion, what are some important attributes to possess in order to be hired?

As I said before, passion, courage to dare and, as always, a bit of luck.

Also, from all your roles so far, which role was the most meaningful to you, and why?

Gustavo, of course, the father of the main character in "Caleb", a man of the past, totally different from me. And finally Uroboro in "Tempus Edax Rerum", a bipolar, cocaine addict.

Did you ever refuse a part? If so, for what reason?

Unfortunately, it happened to me few times, only because it clashed with my schedule.

Can you take us through a day in your routine, what does your schedule normally looks like?

Working on set is extremely exciting and very tense. You know when you start but don’t have a clue about when your day will be over. I always try to get there rested and ready.

What is your dream role and who is a director you dream to work with?

Let’s dream big, for a role like Gordon Gekko's in Wall Street, or Phoenix’s Joker one could kill. Director? Well… Martin Scorsese, who else?

Are you interested at all in producing or directing your own films?

I would say yes, as a matter of fact "Like the shadow in the dark" was produced by Independent Movie Productions which I founded.

Like the Shadow in the Dark - Trailer

What can you share about your next projects?

The next project produced by us, will be a movie provisionally titled "Appearances", about which I can only say very little, except that in the cast besides me and Simone Passero, there will be two young kids 7 and 8. It will talk about how children see the world of adults.

Where can our readers follow more of your work?

Would you like to add anything?

I cannot thank you enough and express all my gratitude for your award. It doesn’t only greatly increase my confidence in my work but also pushes me hard to better my performances and one day fullfill my potential.


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