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Review: The Last Divide

Colby Conrad stars In this day-after-tomorrow, world-gone-to-hell thriller about a drifter seeking revenge on Ryan (Holly Stevens), a gang leader he believes has killed his younger sister Chloe (Phoebe Rex). After learning that Chloe is still alive, he enlists a stranger named Kelsey (Tia Andriani) to help him find Chloe before it's too late. The Last Divide won big at the Actors Awards, including Best Actor (Colby Conrad), Best Supporting Actress (Holly Stevens, who recently won Best Performance award for her role in "Aliens With Knives"), Best Young Actress (Phoebe Rex) and an Honorable Mention: Ensemble.  Conrad as Seth starts at a very low point- weak and terrified. As the story progresses, we learn more about Seth and find a rounded character who faces some serious challenges and hides some secrets. A beautiful, nuanced performance by a great actor.

Holly Stevens as Ryan

Holly Stevens plays Ryan, the gang leader. Her character is fascinating: she’s very confident, sometimes mean, and her calmness makes her even more powerful. As the antagonist, she starts in a higher point than Seth (the protagonist), motivated to find Seth’s sister just as much as he is, and that makes you believe she can actually win. When she meets Seth alone, we meet a softer side of her as more details are revealed, and the story takes a surprising turn. Another outstanding performance by this super talented actress.

Phoebe Rex as Chloe

Phoebe Rex plays Chloe, Seth’s sister. In her beautiful tenderness and bravery, she makes you relate to her very quickly. Then, right after a heartfelt scene with Kelsey (Tia Andriani) where she shows vulnerability (“I just want my family back”), we get to see a tougher side of her, as she threatens a stranger with a baseball bat. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this wonderful young actress.

Colby Conrad as Seth and Tia Andriani as Kelsey


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