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"When your character is very well depicted in the script, there is not much left to do, just sa

Macarena Gómez is a Spanish actress who has already played in over 100 films, including the television series "La que se avecina", aired on Telecinco, "Dagon" and "Sexykiller".

In "Ma Belle", Macarena plays Michelle, a woman obsessed with beauty, who finds herself enveloped in her own labyrinth. Recently, Macarena won Best Performance of Fest at the Actors Awards. The lead judge, Roy Zafrani, described her performance as "outstandingly beautiful. Macarena is a super talented actress who shows through her character "Michelle" versatile emotions ranging from confidence to obscureness that results in a panic attack that changes her life forever".

We asked Macarena to join us for an interview, and met a passionate actress who balances between her very busy career ("I already shot four films in 2018") and her family.

Macarena, congratulations on this truly incredible performance. You deliver so much emotion and enable the audience to easily relate to Michelle, your character. How do you prepare for a role like this?

I have always believed that when a script is well written and your character is very well depicted, there is not much left to do, just say your lines with truth and soul.

Ma Belle - Trailer

You're an extremely busy actress, with notable credits like La Que Se Avecina, Shrew's Nest, Witching & Bitching and Dagon to name a few. You've contributed to countless productions, yet, this is your debut film as a producer. What is the story behind the project? How did it come to life, and what was it like to collaborate with director Antoni Caimari Caldes?

To tell you the truth I was not the co-producer from the beginning, but one thing led to the other. I had met Tony many years ago and when he sent me the script I thought it was very good so I decided to play it. He is not from Madrid and when he told me he was shooting in the capital but did not know many people I just helped him because he is a wonderful person. I chose the photographer, the costume designer, the 1st AD, the poster designer, I provided him with most of the technical material... so at the end I realized I was doing the job of a producer. And during post-production I also gave him some tips about the editing. So in a non premeditated way I became the producer. And it was very easy to do it with Toni, because as I said he is a person with a great sense of humor and easy to work with because he listens to people.

What were some of the challenges you've encountered during the production, and how did you move forward?

During the process of filming, I just thought that we would have needed more money to do more shots and to get more camera material but I was just an actress thinking that way. It was during post-production that we had problems with the film editor but with patience we could solve it!

What was the most rewarding moment for you on set, and why did you feel this way?

When Michelle does the presentation of the book in front of people because she has an energy very different from mine and because as an actress you feel very observed and judged by everyone.

How do you normally choose the stories you wish to tell? Throughout your career, you've done Horror, Drama, Soap Opera... What is your favorite genre?

It depends on many facts: if I have been doing comedy for a long time I want to do drama or vice versa. As you said I love all genres, but in a way when I do horror it is more amusing because I feel like a kid playing a game with friends.

Who are some of your greatest influences, and what do you like about their work?

Bette Davis, Daniel Day-Lewis , Vivien Leigh , Victoria Abril, Carmen Maura.... I know they are all very different and with completely opposite techniques but because they are rare and unique I like them.

What is your favorite movie of all times?

Gone with the Wind. Scarlet O’Hara is the most powerful female character of all times.

If you could choose any director to work with in the future, who would that be, and why?

There are many. I love Luc Besson, Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Lars Von Trier, Spielberg. They are all so different and for that reason I like them.

If you could chat with 15 years old Macarena, what would you tell her, and do you have any advice for young actresses today?

I would tell her that I am very proud of her because she had a dream: “to be an actress”, and she was able to achieve it. I would tell them to work hard. At the beginning you may have to work for free and many hours non-stop, but it is worthy because that's the best way to learn.

How do you balance between your very busy career and your personal life and family?

It is difficult but I still have a lot of energy to do it for a very important reason: I love both my family and my job.

Can you share a bit about your next projects? What are you planning for 2018-2019, and will you continue the producing path?

I shot in 2018 four movies that I am waiting to be released. As a producer i am trying to gather all the financing for a film noir movie and for a tv series based on a book trilogy.


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