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Review: Lost in Apocalypse

A group of seemingly unrelated individuals fight their way out of a virus-infested hotel, only to find themselves at a worse place than before.

Lost in Apocalypse won big at the Actors Awards, including Best Ensemble, Best Actor in a Horror, and Best Duo (Mingyi Yang & Martin Yang).

Lost in Apocalypse - Best Ensemble

Director Sky Wang and his talented cast make “Lost in Apocalypse” an entertaining & super intriguing horror film. Each one of the key cast did a great job. We could feel the uniqueness of every character in this film. Together, they bring this ambitious story to life in the most refreshing (and scary!) way.

Martin Yang as Jack

Martin Yang plays Jack, the driver of Rich. We loved his development, from a shy, insecure guy, to a charismatic, confident man who makes people respect him for who he is (and wins the heart of Helen Cheng). A wonderful performance in a very challenging genre (a zombie-horror film).

"The ultimate rivals" - Mingyi Yang and Martin Yang

Mingyi Yang as Rich and Martin Yang as his driver Jack make a great duo for several reasons. They are completely different from each other, have different values, and most importantly, in a world where everyone needs to survive - Rich and Jack are in a continuous conflict that keeps building up to the climax. Mingyi and Martin play the perfect rivals in the best possible way.

"I thought, hmm, it sounds kind of crazy, but I have to make this film!" - Read this interview with Sky Wang

Lost in Apocalypse - Trailer


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